Life Cycle of a Roly Poly?

Answer Because they can be located almost anywhere in the United States, just about everyone knows something about the roly poly, or pillbug. The roly poly is an isopod, meaning it has an equal number of... Read More »

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How to Do a Roly Poly?

Rolly Polly's are lying on the floor and rolling your body, longdituedly down a hill. They are not putting your head on the floor and rolling over this is a summersault. Fact.

What do roly poly bugs eat?

Pillbox bugs, often called roly poly bugs, survive on a diet of dead and decaying plants and occasionally living plants. They like to live in moist areas and survive underground or under decaying l... Read More »

Is a roly poly an insect?

The "roly poly" bug, more often referred to as a pill bug, is not an insect, but rather a type of bug called an isopod. These invertebrates can be found around the world and commonly live in damp a... Read More »

Do roly poly bugs bite?

Yes, these bugs can bite but since they are scavengers, they feed only on decaying plants or dead animals. They will not bite a person and are not a threat.Source:University of Arizona: Isopod, Pil... Read More »