Liens Against Foreclosures?

Answer Foreclosure can be a messy business when the property is subject to various competing claims or liens from different parties. A lien is a claim to property that may be affected by foreclosure, or ... Read More »

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Government Tax Liens and Foreclosures?

Real estate lien holders enjoy the privilege of holding an individual's home as security for a debt he owes. If the debtor opts not to repay his debt, a lien holder has the option to claim ownershi... Read More »

How to Bid on HUD Foreclosures?

When an individual loses his home to foreclosure, his lender seizes the property and allows the public the opportunity to purchase it through a live foreclosure auction. These auctions are traditio... Read More »

How to Buy HUD Foreclosures?

The Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers mortgage assistance to low income and first time buyers. This assistance is called FHA mortgage insurance and ensures that a mortgage will b... Read More »

Are IRS liens always first?

On One Hand: The IRS Comes FirstThe IRS states in its tax code that at least as of 2010, an IRS tax obligation automatically comes first and is placed in front of all other bills, liens or claims o... Read More »