Licking wounds to disinfect?

Answer Sort of. Your saliva has an enzyme in it called lysozyme, which breaks down the cell wall of some microorganisms, therefore killing them. However, by licking a cut, you'll be introducing the living... Read More »

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Does licking your wounds really prevent an infection?

I'm thinking that a human licking a wound would almost ensure infection - the human mouth has more bacteria in it than what's on our hands...blech...Now dog saliva, I'm not so sure about...I'm curi... Read More »

Why is my dog licking her paws?

Chronic paw-licking is a common complaint in dog owners. What's worse, this minor nuisance can escalate into a persistent habit. However, there may be a medical issue to explain why your dog is lic... Read More »

How to Teach a Dog to Stop Licking?

Licking is a form of language for dogs, but it can be annoying and unsanitary for humans. Puppies will lick their mothers when they need food and older dogs may lick as a sign of submission. Lickin... Read More »

Why Is My Dog Licking the Floor & Rugs?

Many dogs have a tendency to lick, the causes can range from simple to complex. It is important to note when and where the dog begins licking, and share this information with the veterinarian.