Library Endowment Grants?

Answer There are many agencies that fund library projects. The key to securing grant funding for your library is knowing what type of project you plan to develop and finding the right agency that is dedic... Read More »

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Has anyone read the book by Matthew Lesko who has "grants grants grants by the government just to give away"?

The problem with Lesko is that he lists down grant giving organizations -- but misrepresent what grants they give. For example, he will classify a foundation as a grant giving foundation for those ... Read More »

What is endowment life insurance?

Endowment life insurance is a type of policy that offers flexible financial planning and payout options. states that endowment policies were more popular prior the late 1970s before ot... Read More »

What is a reinforced endowment policy?

All pet insurance policies have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age

What is an endowment insurance policy?

An endowment insurance policy is a type of life insurance contract that pays a benefit, either when the insured person dies or on a date specified in the contract, if the insured persons lives to t... Read More »