Liaterati doesn't open. How do I open it?

Answer reboot your computer

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If iPhone back cover doesnt open?

There is nothing to say that it would be a bad idea unless the person in question was using it for bad things. The application store has strict measures in place and no adult content is let through... Read More »

My internet explorer browser doesnt open on phone?

Make more available storage at least more then 750 MB so other application & your browser will work.

How can i make it so google chrome doesnt open a new tab every time i click on a link?

I had this problem Yesterday, Try deleting your browsing data! it worked for me :)

How do you remove the child safety lock on a 1998 Geo Prism the door doesnt even open from the outside?

Three years of age and under.Children and infants 3 years of age and under, must be properly secured using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device. Such restraint device must be a... Read More »