Lg sony samsung which is best lcd tv?

Answer I have a 40V41000 Sony (last years model) and a 40B550 Samsung (this year's) and I sell TV's. Both are the second to the last entry models and although the Sony is a year older it still is a better... Read More »

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Which is best SAMSUNG,SONY or LG?

From your choices, it would be Samsung. Sony is overpriced and there quality have dropped over the years. I recommend you go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tv, along with t... Read More »

LCD TV Sony and Samsung...which is best?

• I think Sony and Samsung are both best companies and in LCD TV section they stand together with each other. However Sony is known for quality and simply if you check the quality of picture in S... Read More »

Which is the best SONY, SAMSUNG or PANASONIC?

I would have to say 1. Sony2. Panasonic3. Samsung in that exact order

Sony Xperia p or Samsung galaxy s advance which is the best?