Lexmark Z2400 wireless printer not connecting wirelessly?

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Connecting wirelessly to a Lexmark printer thru Ubuntu?

Unlikely as Lexmark have not released any drivers for linux.However if you can find a PDF printer driver that creates PDFs, and set it to automatically print to a folder on the main PC, then use a ... Read More »

Can I use usb printer wirelessly connecting with wireless router?

Your difficulty lies in one question: Just HOW are you going to connect the printer to the router?Your printer has a USB connection... so you need to go from USB to something supported on your rou... Read More »

Connecting a laptop to a printer wirelessly on a shared university network?

wifi printers require the same password authorization as an computer when connecting to a wifi router.last time I was in a university situation, the network was wired and not wifi. you'd have to s... Read More »

Connecting a wireless laptop to a non-wireless printer...without using a cable?

Yes it is possible.You need to set up your own home network. Go to control panel and then ' wireless setup'. Should be able to follow the steps and then connect your laptop to your desktop. Note th... Read More »