Lexmark 5470. Just installed new cartridge message says emty?

Answer Remove the cartridge and then place it back in. Sometimes they don't always go all the way in. This should work. Good Luck...

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What number black cartridge do I use for a Lexmark P4350 printer (Lexmark cartridge only)?

Just installed windows vista. doesnt seem compatable with my lexmark z23 printer.?

Have you downloaded Vista drivers from the lexmark website, provided they are available? According to the driver data base it does not show any vista drivers available which would mean its not com... Read More »

My Lexmark printer will not print in color even though I just replaced the colored ink cartridge?

If you're still unable to print in color, please contact us thru chat, email or request a callback. You may find all contact details in the Lexmark official site.

Which lexmark printer can use a lexmark cartridge 12a1970?

Lexmark is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printers, all-in-one printers and printer supplies. The Lexmark 12a1970 black ink cartridge is a high-quality ink cartridge that can be ... Read More »