Lewis & Clark Social Studies Fair Projects?

Answer When President Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to undertake an unprecedented journey of discovery, hoping to find a transcontinental waterway, no one suspected the quantit... Read More »

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Winning Social Studies Fair Projects?

Social studies fair projects give students an open-ended opportunity to explore the relationship between man and society. Giving consideration to four areas of a winning project will produce a succ... Read More »

Dance Projects for a Social Studies Fair?

A social studies fair is designed to allow students to showcase their knowledge of and interest in all aspects of social studies. Subjects for projects presented in a social studies fair can vary f... Read More »

Easy Social Studies Fair Projects?

Creating a project for a social studies fair may seem like a difficult task. Unlike a science fair, in which you conduct experiments, a social studies fair requires you to demonstrate knowledge of ... Read More »

Ideas for Social Studies Academic Fair Projects?

Social studies is meant to teach students about human social structure and how people live in society. Depending on what your social science strengths are, you can easily get some hot ideas for soc... Read More »