Letter T Kindergarten Ideas?

Answer Learning to identify letters and their sounds is an important part of kindergarten curriculum. Teachers can incorporate letters, such as the letter T, into art projects and activities to keep the s... Read More »

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Kindergarten Ideas for Teaching the Letter B?

In kindergarten, your students are learning the basics of reading and writing: the alphabet. In learning the alphabet, each student is practicing how to write both uppercase and lowercase letters, ... Read More »

Letter G Activities for Kindergarten?

Kindergartners spend the majority of the year learning symbols and their respective sounds. When introducing a new letter and sound, it is important to incorporate various activities that encourage... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities for the Letter "W"?

Students in kindergarten will learn the sounds of all the letters of the alphabet. Each week introduce a few letters to your kindergarten class. Use an assortment of activities to help your student... Read More »

Activities on the Letter "V" for Kindergarten?

Plan activities for your kindergarten class to teach recognition of the consonant V. Play recorded violin music while sampling veggies and dip to introduce the letter V lesson. Practice writing the... Read More »