Letter Asking for a Higher Salary With an Employment Offer?

Answer An employer who gives you a salary offer with an employment offer expects you to accept the offer or present a negotiation letter with the figure you find to be reasonable. Before you write a figur... Read More »

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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary in a Job Offer?

Before you sign an employment contract and after an offer is made is the best time to negotiate a higher salary. The ball is in your court to accept or reject an offer. Your counteroffer should tak... Read More »

How to Get a Higher Wage From Federal Employment?

Salary negotiations are a common practice when new employees are being hired. This is true in the private sector, as well as in government offices. Federal jobs often have a salary range that can b... Read More »

How to Address Employment in a Cover Letter?

If you are conducting any sort of job hunt, you will not only want to make sure you have a stellar resume. You will also need a catchy cover letter. This letter serves as an introduction to you and... Read More »

How to Write a Letter for Proof of Employment?

A proof of employment letter is often requested for visas, green cards, mortgage applications, rental applications and more. It is traditionally written by the direct manager of the person requesti... Read More »