Lets play a fun wikipedia game?

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How to Do a Lets Play Walkthrough?

Have you seen those amazing funny series of gaming videos on YouTube? Well here is how to make you own.

Lets play name that drink!?

cocolimeblemon i give up. i dont really get this...

How to make Lets Play videos?

Capture cards can be hundreds of dollars, depending on what you want, and editing should be done on Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. But if you haven't edited before, you should try Windows Movie Maker.

Is there a device that lets you watch netflix on your TV that's not a game console?

Yes, I recently bought the Roku lt. It was 50.00 on I really like it. It comes with RCA cords but I had an extra HDMI cord so I used it. It works like a charm. Easy peasy to set up. I b... Read More »