Lessons on How to Simplify Fractions in Elementary Math?

Answer Fractions describe parts of a whole number. The numerator, or top number in the fraction, describes the number of parts available. The denominator describes the total number of parts. Help students... Read More »

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Elementary School Math Lessons on Factors?

Factors are numbers that are multiplied together. In the number sentence 2 x 4 = 8, "2" and "4" are factors. Factors can be composite numbers (numbers with more than two factors), prime numbers (nu... Read More »

Card Games for Elementary Math Lessons?

Math games with playing cards are almost always a hit with elementary students. Whereas the students feel as if they are getting a break from the typical lesson plan, the teacher recognizes that t... Read More »

How to Make Elementary Math Fraction Lessons?

When making elementary math lessons about fractions teachers need to cover a number of big ideas. These ideas include (1) fractional pieces are parts of one whole thing, (2) the denominator (bottom... Read More »

How to Add and Simplify Fractions?

Once you've mastered the concept of fractions, it's time to start performing simple operations on them. Remember that fractions are best visualized as pieces of pie: cut a whole pie into 8 pieces a... Read More »