Lesson Plans on Nature for Children?

Answer Without green foliage, water and air, human beings would die. Children are struck by the gravity of this message and puzzled. The idea of trees determining life or death appears absurd. Nature less... Read More »

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Children's Self-Help Skills Lesson Plans?

Lessons in self help can aid children in better tending to their own needs. Depending upon the age of the child that you intend to instruct on self-help, your lessons in this subject could include ... Read More »

Brain Lesson Plans for Children?

If you have curious children in your classroom, consider teaching them about how the brain works. Lessons and activities on the brain can enhance a child's knowledge of human anatomy and spark furt... Read More »

Matisse Lesson Plans for Children?

Henri Matisse, a French artist who lived from 1869 to 1954, was one of the most notable painters of the 20th century. He led the post-Impressionist Fauvist artistic movement, a style that used brig... Read More »

Lesson Plans About Children in History?

Teaching grade school children about the lives of children in history can be a tool for connecting their lives to those of historical times and places. Focusing lessons on the childhoods of famous ... Read More »