Lesson Ideas for Writing Business Letters?

Answer Writing proper and professional business letters is an increasingly lost art among students. When it is often easier to send an email or make a phone call, students often wonder why letter writing ... Read More »

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Mini-Lesson Ideas for Expository Writing?

Expository writing appears in manuals, reports, research papers, letters, newsletters, instructions, guidebooks, catalogs, newspaper articles and magazines. As the goal of expository writing explai... Read More »

Creative Writing Lesson Plan Ideas?

Teaching creative writing focuses only partially on teaching writing skills. Creative writing, like any art form, starts with a basic set of learned skills, in this case grammar, vocabulary and spe... Read More »

How to Generate a Topic for a Writing Lesson Plan?

Choosing a topic for a writing lesson plan can be difficult. Writing is often the least favorite subject of many students because it can be time consuming, daunting, and very challenging. Additio... Read More »

Lesson Plan Formats for Writing Activities?

Activities for teaching writing across the curriculum focus on teaching a variety of skills, from learning to form letters to composing complex essays. Because successful writing draws on multiple ... Read More »