Lentic & Lotic Ecosystems?

Answer Lentic ecosystem (also called the lacustrine ecosystem or the still water ecosystem) and lotic ecosystem (also called the riverine ecosystem) are two types of water ecosystems, the first dealing wi... Read More »

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Ecosystems in the USA?

The United States has over 3.5 million square miles in all its 50 states, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This square mileage features forest, freshwater, grasslands and wetlands ecosystems. A... Read More »

List of Ecosystems?

An ecosystem is a community of plants and animals associated with specific climatic conditions and abiotic (non-living) features. In the grand scheme of things, there are only two types of ecosyste... Read More »

Disruptions to Ecosystems?

An ecosystem refers to the interacting abiotic and biotic components of a given area, according to the University of Michigan. Ecosystems face disruption from natural processes, such as fires and f... Read More »

Riparian Ecosystems?

A riparian ecosystem is the zone where a river or stream meets the riverbank. Each riparian ecosystem is different, for streams and rivers run through all types of regions and climates. In every re... Read More »