Length of Time for Tomato Seeds to Be Plants?

Answer Tomatoes are annual garden vegetables commonly grown in the United States and around the world. The tomato plant is easy to grow and provides an abundance of fruit that has many culinary uses. The ... Read More »

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How many seeds do you put in each hole, in each pot for tomato plants?

Hopefully your are planting seed that you purchased. If you saved seeds from tomatoes that you purchased at the market you will be disappointed. They will most likely germinate and produce plants... Read More »

Can tomato seeds be dried&used again for plants?

Before drying tomato seeds, first squeeze the tomato through a 1/4-inch screen into a container and store for two days at 75 degrees F for fermentation. Pour off the top layer of scum, as fertile s... Read More »

How many days from seeds to tomato plants?

Depending on the type of tomato that you plant, it takes roughly 70 to 80 days for a seed to turn into a tomato plant.Source:tomato plant

What is the best time to plant tomato seeds?

The best time to plant tomato seeds is between six to eight weeks before the late spring frost date. For example, the Midwest can receive frost until the middle of April. Start the seeds indoors wh... Read More »