Legit foot pain with no relief!?

Answer Go back to the doctor, tell him/her that your pain is too much to handle, and don't leave until they offer a solution.

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Sharp pain on medial side of foot in the inner arch, and pain on the top of foot in the middle.?

Really, A great sorry news you are not able to walk due to your pain,. It will be better if you use any special tape to take care instantly. Most of the athletes use kinesiololgy tape to reduce the... Read More »

Foot pain in arches, ball of foot, and toes. What wrong with my feet?

Maybe your feet are telling you that it's time to take a rest.Why don't you give that a try, and see if the pain recedes?

Could we pay Godzilla to put his foot over the BP oilspill until we can get the relief well finished?

Naw it would take too long to get him trained in scuba diving.

HELP: My 18 y.o. daughter injured her foot & is crying in pain! What could this be How to relieve pain?

I don't know if in America you have emergency rooms (I'm sure you do), just find the nearest one and drive there. I'm pretty sure they're always open and ready to take people in. If you're not sure... Read More »