Legal term for distributed evenly among siblings?

Answer The Will will go into probate first. If a sibling chooses to live in the house then they would have to buy the house from the other siblings and if this is not possible then the house will be sold ... Read More »

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What Internal Control Components Are Common Among Long-Term Assets?

Internal control components are policies and procedures outlining how a company handles aspects in the business. These procedures are designed for promoting accurate bookkeeping methods and for avo... Read More »

If a father dies and wills the family home to his son does his son also inherit the contents of the home or does can it legally be divided among the rest of the siblings?

What is the legal age to watch siblings in mn?

I Really Want Too Know That If I Was The Main Carer For My 20 Month Old Brother Up Until He Was One, Does That Mean I Have A Right Too See Him? I Have Been Denied Access To Him, Since Me And My Mum... Read More »

Can a 15-year-old be granted legal guardian of his siblings?

No, a legal guardian must be of the legal age that is required by the state in which the minor children reside. The legal age to become a guardian of minor children is not necessarily the same as t... Read More »