Legal rights for pregnancy when sixteen.?

Answer It is your child and so long as you are able to look after it acoring to acceptable standards it remais your child.

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Can you be eighteen and be a legal guardian to a sixteen year old?

You could be a guadian to an under 16 year old maybe if you are classed as responsible enough but many different things are taken into account ie. housing that you live in, mental and physical stat... Read More »

Can a sixteen year old buy a pregnancy test?

Answer No, I'm afraid that's a felony.YES. Condoms and pregnancy tests have no age limit.

Can a sixteen year old get a legal order to stay with one or the other parent?

If you are the 16 year old, You would need to call a local lawyer for advice out of the yellow pages, you might need to call several to get free info. and communicate a prepared intelligent and vol... Read More »

Minor Child Legal Guardianship & Legal Rights of Parents?

Legal guardianship of a minor child is normally established by a probate court. Through a court order a person other than the child's parents is given the right to care for the child until the term... Read More »