Legal and ethical consideration of assessment?

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Legal & Ethical Issues in the Classroom?

In the course of doing their jobs, teachers naturally run into many legal and ethical issues. While most teachers would, ideally, like to avoid running into legal and ethical problems, they are bou... Read More »

Legal & Ethical Interveiw Questions?

Legal and ethical interview questions are those that pertain to a person's ability to perform the job applied for. They can generally be separated into three categories: specific job skills, charac... Read More »

Legal and Ethical Issues in Classroom Management?

Effective classroom management is essential to creating a fertile learning atmosphere, but sometimes efforts to gain control over students can cross over legal and ethical boundaries. Although some... Read More »

Ethical & Legal Issues in the Interview Process?

When interviewing candidates, employers can wade through the maze of legal and ethical concerns using one simple principle: fairness. The many state and federal laws related to hiring, and particul... Read More »