Legal Separation With Children?

Answer In order to obtain a legal separation, a couple must express a desire to live apart and agree that their marriage is broken. In a legal separation, the courts acknowledge specific determinations, s... Read More »

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What is a legal separation?

"Separation" means a married couple are currently living apart. "Legal separation" means they're doing so under a legal agreement spelling out how they manage their finances, child custody and whic... Read More »

Legal Separation in Washington?

If you are not ready to file for divorce yet for whatever reason, legal separation or separate maintenance is a fairly simple and straightforward alternative available in the state of Washington.

Legal Separation in Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, a married couple may file for legal separation. A married couple may choose legal separation instead of divorce for several reasons such as religion, medical insurance, or ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Annulments & Legal Separation?

Legal separation and annulment are court procedures in which the terms of a marriage are changed (legal separation), or the marriage is invalidated (annulment). Annulments usually take place shortl... Read More »