Legal Responsibility to Report a Crime in Progress?

Answer Because police officers cannot be everywhere, they often rely on bystanders to report crimes, especially if the victim cannot make the report himself. If bystanders do not report a crime in progres... Read More »

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How to Doctor a Report Card or Progress Report?

If you opened your progress report/report card and you did NOT like what saw, this article is for you. This article gives you steps on how to change what it says on the report card/progress report!... Read More »

If someone attempts to remove a security tag from a item at a supermarket is this a crime in progress?

In NJ the minute you destroy or tamper with a security device OR conceal the merchandise you are guilty of shoplifting. You can be aprehended immediately and do not have to attempt to leave the st... Read More »

How to Write a Progress Report?

When your boss asks you for a status report, you may feel like shrugging it off. A progress report might seem like something minor but it can go a long way in communicating the details of a project... Read More »

How to Cite a Progress Report?

The handbooks of the Modern Language Association and American Psychological Association provide commonly used guidelines for citing sources. While neither style guide offers specific instructions f... Read More »