Legal Protocols in Nursing?

Answer Nurses are faced with legal issues on a daily basis. The Nurses Practice Act lists the roles and duties of a nurse. If these regulations are not adhered to, the nurse risks loss of license as well ... Read More »

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Legal Concepts in Nursing?

Because nursing involves having close contact with many vulnerable people, there are many errors a nurse could make that would result in patient injury. If this occurs, the nurse may be held legall... Read More »

Legal Nursing Certification?

Certified legal nurses are consultants and act as a liaison between the medical and legal communities. Legal nurses help attorneys prepare cases that involve extensive medical knowledge and review.... Read More »

Legal Professional Issues in Nursing?

Nurses provide a critical service to society by helping to deliver quality medical care to their patients. Without nurses, many life-saving medical procedures would not be possible. Because nursing... Read More »

What is the Average Salary of a Legal Nursing Consultant?

A salaried legal nursing consultant typically earns around $80,000 annually. However, many legal nursing consultants are independent contractors, and therefore, charge hourly. Hourly rates typicall... Read More »