Legal Issues for Schools?

Answer Schools need to be very wary of the legal issues surrounding them since they are dealing primarily with children. The general population tends to get very upset when children are at the heart of a ... Read More »

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Can you get into legal issues when you do CPR on someone?

Depends on where you areIn the UK as my medical job...should I have to do CPR (if you do it real good/the correct way chances are you will break at least a few ribs anyways so dont worry if this ha... Read More »

Legal Issues in E-Businesses?

In addition to the legal issues that any business must face, Internet companies must also deal with a unique set of challenges that arise from transacting business online. Even businesses in tradit... Read More »

Classroom Management and Legal Issues?

Classroom management techniques require educators to be greatly aware of the boundaries governing ethical behavior between themselves and students. Legal proceedings shape a deeper understanding of... Read More »

Legal Issues for Software Piracy?

Software piracy, or the illegal copying or use of software, involves a number of legal issues. Software is protected by copyright under Title 17 of the U.S. Code, as well as by the Digital Millenn... Read More »