Leg swolen - looks like an egg - what to do!!?

Answer You may have a torn tendon, you will need to go to the doctor and have a ct scan to see if there is a tear which may need attention. Don't ignore this or you will end up with permanent damage.

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Why is my finger like this is it swolen?

Yes, it's swollen, and it could be from a variety of things - one of them being you could be allergic to carrots. Rinse your hand under cool water to give some relief to the swelling. And hold yo... Read More »

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What does this symbol mean on your iPhone it looks like a telephone with somethin like a keyboard unddrr it it is right next to the battery life?

The TTY option is turned on. you can turn it off in the setting>phone>TTY

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Yes it does. My garden is like me....bright and cheery.