Leg by-pass surgery?

Answer She'll do fine! She may have a little soreness for a few days. Ask her Doc for home health orders and get a visiting nurse in for a few days. Feel free to e-mail me if you want. This is what I ... Read More »

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To people who deal with a loved one who had by pass surgery?

I had a couple of major surgeries last year. Never felt pain quite like that before, in fact, I lost the ability to convince myself that I was a tough guy. Nothing like coming face to face with one... Read More »

Post By-pass surgery Question regarding diabetes?

No, the diet is clearly not controlled. If the diet was controlled she would not have necessitated a CABG x3. And her glucoses would not be 230.There is a mismatch between her insulin dose AND her ... Read More »

For patient suffering from heart bye pass surgery the only solution?

It's a bit difficult to answer this question, particularly since I don't think that "heart block" is actually what you're describing. When cardiologists talk about heart block, they usually are de... Read More »

My husband just went through an emergency quaduple (4) by-pass surgery Monday morning. He is suppose to come?

Take care as I don't know his specifics- but make sure you completely understand the discharge instructions before you leave the hospital. See if your county has any home health services. If you ... Read More »