Leg Pain Question: Blockage in Vein or Tumor?

Answer pulled muscle!!!you said you exercised every day!!!

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When popping a vein in finger how could you relieve the pain?

I would apply ice to the area for about 15 minutes at a time. Only time will heal this type of pain though because of the injury type and the increase in interstitial pressure.

What is the vein that is increasing in size with sharp pain during regular useage?

A ruptured tympanic membrane (aka - a burst ear-drum) will drain pus and mucus from the middle ear until the hole within the tympanic membrane has sealed over. Therapy usually involves antibiotic e... Read More »

The doctor found a tumor on my leg "shin". He diagnosed it as a lipoma tumor. Shoud I be worried?

No, don't worry. These are usually quite harmless and the doctor will only remove it if it grows too big or is a problem cosmetically.

Bulging vein in right temple causing eye, temple, ear, and neck pain?

Prudent* to see a general surgeon*/local homeopath [for less costs] for physical examination, relevant investigations, accurate diagnosis and permanent cure by medication and or surgical interferen... Read More »