Leg Cramps- In calf very painful?

Answer You may want to increase your intake of Potassium, as a low level of potassium can increase the incidence of Charlie horse like feelings.

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Painful cramping in my calf?

It could be potassium or dehydration. I am an athlete and I have these cramps especially when I am dehydrated. So try some gatorade or powerade. Drink a lot.

Painful cramping in my calf muscle?

What you have is a charlie horse. You can make it stop by eating some bananas. The charlie horses are caused by lack of potassium.

My Calf Muscle got Cramps.. Please Read?

Depends on the person and the severity of the cramp how long the soreness will last. I've heard of the soreness going away in a few hours but I've personally had soreness there for weeks after a cr... Read More »

Very very painful problem in left foot?

my advice: go to see a D.O. (doctor of osteopathy)they have longer medical school than m.d. and learn gentle manipulations, and exercises to help wasted /weakened muscles also.people toss and turn ... Read More »