Lefts side of body numb and weak ?

Answer Call 911. You're having a stroke.

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Should I be more worried PLEASE help I'm 16 :( One side of body going numb?

You might have a nerve that's being squeezed somewhere. You should go and see a doctor who's able to check how well the nerves in your left arm are working. They'll stick a small needle in your han... Read More »

My left side of my body goes numb,lips hand and foot could this be diabites and should I go to the doctor?

i would not say it is diabiteies but you need to go to a doctor urgently to find out what it is.good luck

How to Numb Your Body?

This is a great way to learn will power and to help yourself to go to sleep if you are an insomniac, and to learn to relax your body. I discovered this technique when I had a lot of stress that cau... Read More »

The left side of my head goes numb sometimes?

I would say it is not normal. I think it could be anything from a pinched nerve to brain tumor or stroke. Please go see a doctor!! I have nerve pain in my arm and fingers from a neck injury. Also m... Read More »