Left water boiling on stove?

Answer It is likely the lime deposits left behind after the water boiled away. such as the deposits left in a bathtub after the water evaporates. It can easily be removed with an acidic vinegar solution ... Read More »

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Spilled boiling water on my left hand, help?

Well,this happened to me as well...making boiling Ramen i spilled water on my left hand.i do suggest that you do let the brown skin peel of that's what i did.The skin underneath was pink for a few ... Read More »

Why does boiling milk overflow but boiling water does not?

Probably due to the fat molecules in milk. The fat separates from the thinner, watery liquid and as the water in the milk boils the steam rises and this milk fat layer moves up. You can prevent th... Read More »

Gas stove left on all day help!?

IF they are still alive...... Get them into the fresh air, ventilate the house, and don't expose an open flame anywhere.

I spilled boiling water on myself?

DO NOT PUT IT UNDER COLD WATER. if you put it under luke warm water its better for soothing the burn,next take some baby rash cream(like for but burns for infants) and put it over your burn, it soo... Read More »