Left turn in a semi truck accident?

Answer She would be- probably somethig like failure to yield or improper passing. Actually had similar situation happen to one of our drivrs this winter. oUr driver wsa in hte right, female driver of the ... Read More »

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Turning left onto a no left turn road by accident?

Hi,I am an ex driving instructor and can help you. Believe it or not I have known several people make this mistake but if they are recorded, it isn't that much of a fine/points etc. If you have b... Read More »

If a truck that has a green Yield For Left Turn suddenly turns in front of you and you hit the truck who is at fault?

Answer it is the truck that terned in frount of you criminal justice student

Is a big truck in front of your car begins to turn left but its right turn signals are flashing it is most lik?

Trucks with long trailers swing out a little in order to pull the front end of the trailer away from the right curb a bit so it can make the rear end clear the curb on the right side. Its marked on... Read More »

Prohibited left turn by accident?

PatNot sure why you think this is 'only a council matter'.It is in fact an Offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Please see sec 36 -…It is an endorsab... Read More »