Left thigh pain help?

Answer Do exercise if you can on your thigh and then stretch out. Not to hard, take it easy in the beginning and work it more and more out. You can also try and massage it to see if it's actually muscular... Read More »

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Should I be worried about Left Nipple Pain and Pain In The Back Of Left Chest?

if you are that concerned talk to your parents and tell them. if it was only a quick thing it might just be muscle cramp. had you just eaten? your stomach is on your left side as well. might have e... Read More »

Left Toe pain. Help.?

Tape the sore toe to the one next to it to help with the limp and pain. Use ice therapy for the swelling and pain. Continue with ibuprofen or Aleve to help with inflammation and pain. Keep the l... Read More »

Pain on my left hip Please help!?

Tell your mom so you can go to the doctor but try using a warm compress till then

Left testicle!?