Leaving a Tip when Dining Out.?

Answer 15% tip is considered standard, more if the service is beyond what is necessary. Tips are not mandatory. Yes, a waiters base pay is usually ludicrously low and not a living wage, a poor waiter sh... Read More »

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The middle of industrial bar touches ear and is leaving a mark and its pressing into my ear and leaving it red?

Apply a burn cream and put on a bandage to protect it.

How much do you tip when dining out?

Pet peeve when dining out?

I also hate when my plate is the only one remaining on the table but don't be so quick to judge the waiter. I worked in a restaurant for 11 years and the management team made us do this. I object... Read More »

What amount is appropriate for a tip when dining out?

Restaurant Etiquetteif this offends you than you are probably one of these:The next time you're out eating at a restaurant, look at your server. Do you think they are really happy to be doing that ... Read More »