Leaving a Tip when Dining Out.?

Answer 15% tip is considered standard, more if the service is beyond what is necessary. Tips are not mandatory. Yes, a waiters base pay is usually ludicrously low and not a living wage, a poor waiter sh... Read More »

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The middle of industrial bar touches ear and is leaving a mark and its pressing into my ear and leaving it red?

Apply a burn cream and put on a bandage to protect it.

Do people still use formal dining rooms as dining rooms?

We have a dining room we eat in every night, though it's not very formal - nor is anything else in the house for that matter. If I did have a beautiful house, it would certainly have a gorgeous din... Read More »

How much could I get for this dining set?

I am with Doc and I stopped reading after thinking about you showering. Ummm 100 bucks.

How much do you tip when dining out?