Learning to write?

Answer The Kindergarten teachers I've worked with usually just want children to recognize their names in print not necessarily write them. The reason is they don't want someone teaching the child the wron... Read More »

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The Stages of Learning to Read & Learning to Write?

The stages of learning to read and write begin in infancy. Each child, however, learns to read and write at his or her own speed. While general age and grade levels are provided below, the age at w... Read More »

Need help with 3 yr old learning to write?

start with her name first. that is the most important. and it takes alot of time and practice

How to Write Behavioral Learning Objectives?

Are you looking for a way to make your teaching more effective? Behavioral Learning Objectives can be created for just about any subject being taught to just about any person. These kinds of object... Read More »

How to Read & Write Learning Strategies?

Not every child learns to read and write as quickly and easily as others because every child learns differently. Some students are visual learners while others are auditory learners or kinesthetic ... Read More »