Learning Styles for Young Children?

Answer Young children are like sponges; they thrive on soaking up as much new information as possible. In order to teach a child properly, it is imperative to recognize that not all children should be tau... Read More »

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Three Learning Theories for Young Children?

The first serious research into how young children learn began was the groundbreaking work of psychologist and biologist Jean Piaget, who formed his theory through constant observation of his own c... Read More »

Learning Styles in Children?

While there is some debate as to how many different types of ways that children learn, there tends to be agreement on three major types. These include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Understandin... Read More »

How to Apply Metacognitive Learning in Young Children?

Metacognition or "thinking about thinking" refers to knowledge about your own learning. Children can use knowledge about thinking to help them control, regulate and evaluate their learning. A child... Read More »

How to Find Learning Styles in Children?

Do you get angry when your child asks you to read a story a second time? Do you accuse him of not paying attention? Relax, understand that your child is only doing what can help him understand bett... Read More »