Learning Styles and Reading?

Answer Parents, teachers and even fellow students know that not all people learn the same way. While a particular lesson plan may grab one student's attention, it may fail to reach another and equally as ... Read More »

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Preschool Reading & Learning Styles?

Different children learn in different ways; while some are visual learners, responding best to visual stimulation, others prefer auditory or kinesthetic learning. Discovering the learning style of ... Read More »

Learning Styles in Reading Achievement?

In Arabic-speaking countries, a famous anecdote tells how Nasreddin Hodja promised Tamerlane to teach his donkey to read. Nasreddin Hodja put wheat and seeds among the pages of a book, and the donk... Read More »

Differentiated Instruction Learning Styles for Math and Reading?

Teaching use to be about presenting one lesson and expecting all students to glean information from it, but today this process has changed. In contemporary education, effective teachers recognize t... Read More »

Teaching Styles & Learning Styles in Elementary School?

Children acquire information in many different ways. These learning styles can be grouped into four categories: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and sociological learners. Teachers can present lesson... Read More »