Learning Styles and Behavior Problems?

Answer Since the 1970s, educators have recognized three basic learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. As their names imply, visual learners find visual information the easiest to process, audit... Read More »

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How to Teach Students with Learning & Behavior Problems?

Students with learning disabilities may be unable to process information in the same way as you are used to, meaning they can have difficulty with memory, organizing information received and basic ... Read More »

Strategies for Teaching Students With Learning & Behavior Problems?

Teachers are faced with greater challenges today as many students in the classroom have learning disabilities or behavioral issues. Due to educational policies, many special needs children are inte... Read More »

Teaching Styles & Learning Styles in Elementary School?

Children acquire information in many different ways. These learning styles can be grouped into four categories: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and sociological learners. Teachers can present lesson... Read More »

Which Learning Styles Are Best Suited for Learning Online and Why?

Online education ranges from hour-long seminars to advanced degrees. Though online education can be a great way to learn, a person must be suited to learning this way. Online learning requires a st... Read More »