Learning Rhymes for Kids?

Answer Nursery rhymes appear to be silly bits of words strung together. The subject of these rhymes are about little girls who have lost their sheep or boys kissing girls and making them cry. But the Brit... Read More »

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The Rhyme at time: Why are little kids being taught only English nursery Rhymes?

In Tamil Nadu you can find out so many children calling their mother as mummy, instead of amma. This is liked by so many parents. Our society and love towards English is responsible for this. Se... Read More »

Learning to Sew for Kids?

Learning to sew is a lifelong skill that children can be taught at an early age. A young person who is learning to sew should learn with emphasis on the basics and the fundamentals of sewing. Sew... Read More »

Learning Letters for Kids?

It is an exciting time for both child and parent when a child begins to discover and explore letters. There is no set age for this process to begin; it is a gradual development as they learn to ide... Read More »

Learning Objects for Kids?

Throughout the history of institutionalized learning, there have been a number of different teaching paradigms that have proved to be dominant and effective styles of teaching. With growing interes... Read More »