Learning Objectives in Capstone Courses?

Answer Capstone courses are those that are taken usually toward the end of receiving your major. These particular courses are designed to include everything that a student has learned in achieving her maj... Read More »

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What Are Capstone Courses?

Capstone courses are designed to give students the chance to apply the knowledge they have acquired throughout their education to real-world situations, and to encapsulate all the learning objectiv... Read More »

Objectives for Babysitting Courses?

Babysitting courses can help teens learn the skills they need to be confident child care workers. These courses teach everything from first aid to child care skills to how to establish a babysittin... Read More »

How to Write Courses With Measurable Objectives?

When a student enrolls in a college course, he wants to know what objectives he must fulfill to pass the class. These objectives are listed at the top of the syllabus, which the professor hands out... Read More »

MBA Learning Objectives?

Although the specific learning objectives of an MBA program may differ according to the individual school, most share the same common values. Students enrolled in an MBA program learn many skills t... Read More »