Learning Games for Kids for Free?

Answer Many benefits to learning through games exist when you use them effectively. Educational games that involve exploration and allow kids to learning by experience often yield a lasting and more comp... Read More »

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Free & Fun Spanish Learning Games for Kids?

Short of relocating your class to Spain, there are several ways to make Spanish lessons fresh and memorable. Many teachers develop creative games that repeat vocabulary and exemplify conversation. ... Read More »

Free Kids Learning Games to Work With Offline?

Playing games is an effective method for children to develop and strengthen academics. Games are available for reading, mathematics, written language and memory. By adding an element of entertainme... Read More »

The Best Learning Games for Kids?

Children learn best when they are engaged in class. The traditional lecture method of teaching does not engage kids. By including games in your lesson, you can make your classes interesting and int... Read More »

Learning to Tip Games for Kids?

Learning to tip is all about teaching percentages. Start easy with 10s, and move on from there. Once the child knows how percentages work, the child will know how to tip properly. Talk to the child... Read More »