Learning Activities for the Dewey Decimal System?

Answer The Dewey Decimal System is used in many libraries as the main means for organizing books for easy location. The system's 10 broad categories can be confusing for young children who do not understa... Read More »

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Activities for Students on the Dewey Decimal System?

Without the Dewey Decimal Classification System libraries would be in pure chaos. Melvil Dewey felt the same way. He made the observation of libraries not having a systemic way of finding books by... Read More »

K-6 Activities for Teaching the Dewey Decimal System?

Finding books in a library using the Dewey Decimal System is an important skill for students to possess. The system's 10 subject categories can be difficult to remember, though, especially for youn... Read More »

How to Use the Dewey Decimal System?

Libraries are a very important tool not only for students but for adults as well. While not all libraries may use this system, most public libraries have non-fiction books organized by the dewey de... Read More »

Activities for Learning the Respiratory System?

Teaching students about the human respiratory system allows them to develop an understanding of the respiratory system's importance and relation to the rest of the body. Incorporating activities in... Read More »