Learning Activities About Animals for Preschoolers?

Answer Preschoolers benefit from learning about animals in several ways. Many preschoolers have not had access to household pets and can learn a great deal about how to properly care for an animal. Animal... Read More »

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Arts & Crafts for Preschoolers on Animals & Hibernation?

Preschool is much more than a play-school or babysitting service. Children prepare for kindergarten by learning numbers, letters and how to write their names. They also learn about the world around... Read More »

What are some good activities for preschoolers around "All about me" theme Has to be intentional activities..?

I'm not sure what DRDP is either, but here are some activities that come to mind:>Give each child a blank white poster board to take home with the title All About Me! at the top. Include a note t... Read More »

Learning Games to Play With Preschoolers?

According to PBS Parents, play is central to how preschoolers learn about the world. Consequently, teaching a preschooler any basic skills or concepts, such as counting or recognizing letters, must... Read More »

How to Print Learning Materials for Preschoolers?

Having the proper learning materials when you are teaching preschool is absolutely essential. Preschool-aged students need a combination of hands-on manipulatives and printouts. Finding printable p... Read More »