Learning About Canadian Politics for Kids?

Answer Teaching Canadian children about Canada's politics can be challenging. A child may not naturally be interested in the affairs of adults that do not have direct and observable implications for the c... Read More »

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Teen girls (13-19): How many of you are interested in learning about politics/world issues and finance?

I thought I was thee only one these days. Everybody(especially girls) seem to be overly OBSESSED with celebrities that have been a few dumb chick flicks but wear all the latest designer trends. Why... Read More »

Learning to Sew for Kids?

Learning to sew is a lifelong skill that children can be taught at an early age. A young person who is learning to sew should learn with emphasis on the basics and the fundamentals of sewing. Sew... Read More »

What Kids Are Learning in Pre-Kindergarten?

Pre-kindergarten, or pre-k, is a preparatory level of elementary school that helps get children ready for kindergarten. Parents who plan to enroll their children in a pre-k program may wonder what ... Read More »

Learning About Habitats for Kids?

Every living organism has a habitat. A habitat is the environment in which an organism, or species, naturally makes its home. Outside factors, such as urbanization, pollution and climate change, ca... Read More »