Learning About Canadian Politics for Kids?

Answer Teaching Canadian children about Canada's politics can be challenging. A child may not naturally be interested in the affairs of adults that do not have direct and observable implications for the c... Read More »

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Teen girls (13-19): How many of you are interested in learning about politics/world issues and finance?

I thought I was thee only one these days. Everybody(especially girls) seem to be overly OBSESSED with celebrities that have been a few dumb chick flicks but wear all the latest designer trends. Why... Read More »

Learning About Tides for Kids?

When visiting the beach, curious children may ask why the ocean rises so high at one point of the day and then drops so low at another. You can explain the nature of tides to children with a number... Read More »

Learning About Habitats for Kids?

Every living organism has a habitat. A habitat is the environment in which an organism, or species, naturally makes its home. Outside factors, such as urbanization, pollution and climate change, ca... Read More »

Learning About Pirates for Kids?

Piracy is a subject full of mystery and adventure, so that most kids will listen attentively to a lesson on this subject. Creating lessons about pirates is one way to debunk a lot of the myths that... Read More »