Lean forward.. Have you come yet?

Answer That was an anticlimax.

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How to stop back pain at a job that requires me to lean forward hunched over making food all day?

I've found that with the food industry jobs, there's really no helping it. Its fast paced, tons of moving around and never a dull moment. Lol. Its not funny though. I understand your pain. I'm not ... Read More »

Have any of the nurses or adoption agency workers from the BSE come forward to tell their stories?

They will probably not come forward. They would be very old now, and they were so certain of their right-ness back then that I have a hard time thinking that they might see the error of their ways... Read More »

Why don't people come forward readily for HIV/AIDS test even when it's offered for free by the government?

1. Fear is the greatest and most important reason and is of diverse reasons and to make the matters worse is enveloped by the suit of ignorance & lack of knowledge2. Lack of knowledge.3.... Read More »

How to Have a Sexy Lean Muscular Body?

There are two components to having a sexy, lean, muscular body: high muscle mass and low body fat. If you have low body fat but no muscle mass, you won't look muscular, and if you have high muscle ... Read More »