Lean forward.. Have you come yet?

Answer That was an anticlimax.

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How to stop back pain at a job that requires me to lean forward hunched over making food all day?

I've found that with the food industry jobs, there's really no helping it. Its fast paced, tons of moving around and never a dull moment. Lol. Its not funny though. I understand your pain. I'm not ... Read More »

How do i forward landline calls when the call forward feature is unavailable on my landline phone,adaptor?

I am not aware of any hardware that can provide this function. I'm surprised your local provider doesn't offer that feature, it is a really popular feature. You must live in a very rural area!n

Diode forward voltage,diode forward current (mA)?

Unless the voltage is applied in the right direction an led won't light. the word forward is not very helpful here because an led doesn't conduct the other way. the specs for an led includeVf max, ... Read More »

How to Get Lean?

Losing weight is often more about toning what you have than quickly shedding fat. The quickest weight-loss methods, or "crash diets" are rarely the best, and are also extremely unhealthy. If you wa... Read More »