Leaking Radiator Pipes?

Answer The radiator is part of a car's cooling system and is integral to keeping your car running. If your radiator is not working, or is leaking, the car's engine will overheat, causing it to stop workin... Read More »

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How to Fix Leaking Pipes?

You can run up a big water bill in a hurry if you get a leak in your pipes. You need to know how to fix it fast until you can do a full repair or call a plumber. With a few steps, you can stop the ... Read More »

DIY: Leaking Water Pipes?

Water pipes fail, often unexpectedly, in nearly everyone's life. Fixing these leaking pipes may require the services of a certified plumber--but not always. Minor leaks can sometimes be repaired wi... Read More »

How to Repair Leaking PVC Furnace Pipes?

A leaking pipe in your furnace's plumbing system needs to be addressed immediately or it may make for a very cold and uncomfortable living situation. A call to a plumber might get you some help in ... Read More »

Are leaking pipes inside the wall covered in condo insurance in California?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the pipes. They may be common area assets, or limited common area assets -- dedicated to owners or an owner, but fewer than all owners -- or they... Read More »