Leaking After a Spinal Tap?

Answer Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) can leak after a spinal tap is performed for diagnosis or injection. Leakage is usually short-term and resolves with rest, according to the University of Illinois Medical ... Read More »

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Leaking Spinal Fluid From a Spinal Tap?

Cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF, is a protective liquid surrounding the brain and spine. Certain injuries or procedures, such as a lumbar puncture, can cause a leakage of spinal fluid. In some cases, a... Read More »

My tattoo is leaking a lot of fluid after shrink wrapping two days after I got it done ?

Did you leave the wrap on for 2 days??Or just put it on for a time two days after getting it??I put paper towel on my tatts and cover that with cling wrap to protect my bedding overnight because th... Read More »

Can you get heart problems after having a spinal fusion?

Is it possible to become a navy seal after spinal fusion for scoliosis?

Absolutely not - spinal problems of any type, including fusions, are automatic medical disqualifiers for military service.