Leaf Eating Worms and Oak Trees?

Answer Several insects use the leaves of an oak tree as a hatchery for their eggs. These young larvae then rise up and devour the foliage while maturing into their adult form. Fortunately, gardeners who w... Read More »

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Caterpillars are eating my plants. trees shrubs roes' they're eating everything?

I wish I had an answer ,as I had the same problem a few years ago, But home depot recommend something and for the life of me I can't remember what it was, But my plants were so damaged .it did not ... Read More »

Can you get worms by eating too much sugar?

No, but it does seem like a good threat to get kid's sugar habits under control.

Worms Are Eating My Cactus?

Many home gardeners enjoy succulent plants for their gardens and yards. Cacti, aloe and agave are common succulents found in many home landscape designs. While cactus are generally hardy, they are ... Read More »

Is eating dirt safe and can it give you worms?

You need to tell your mother you have these overwhelming cravings. There is a disease called 'pica' and if left untreated it can become life threatening. If your mom won't listen to you, show her t... Read More »