Leadership Lesson Activities?

Answer Though some students possess leadership qualities naturally, others need to develop their abilities or learn to recognize them. Simple, engaging classroom lessons on leadership can help students im... Read More »

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How to Teach Leadership to High School Students With a Lesson Plan?

Leadership is an important skill to develop in high school students. Educators can facilitate this skill by creating lesson plans that incorporate the study of characters who are leaders or act her... Read More »

Good Leadership Activities?

Individuals with well-developed leadership skills can effectively guide groups of peers through the completion of a task. Effective leadership can be difficult, as it is important to be authoritati... Read More »

Leadership Activities for Students?

For most American teens, high school is a time to get ready for college. Those aspiring to attend the most selective universities will need to show exemplary performance both in and out of the clas... Read More »

Educational Leadership Activities?

Some children are born leaders, and some children tend to take on the role of followers. Although not all children will be leaders, it is is still important to teach them leadership skills. There m... Read More »