Leadership Lesson Activities?

Answer Though some students possess leadership qualities naturally, others need to develop their abilities or learn to recognize them. Simple, engaging classroom lessons on leadership can help students im... Read More »

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How to Teach Leadership to High School Students With a Lesson Plan?

Leadership is an important skill to develop in high school students. Educators can facilitate this skill by creating lesson plans that incorporate the study of characters who are leaders or act her... Read More »

About Leadership Activities for Youth?

Donald H. McGannon's quote, "Leadership is action, not position" provides some very meaty food for thought when teaching youth about leadership. Good leadership activities not only help youth recog... Read More »

Leadership Activities for the Classroom?

Leadership is a tricky thing to teach. Some would argue that leadership is an innate quality that cannot be taught. On the other hand, leadership is not really a quality in itself. It is a group of... Read More »

Cool Leadership Activities?

Everyone is a follower. At some point in life, we all follow the leadership of others -- parents, teachers, friends, managers and government officials. Not everyone is a leader. To be a leader mean... Read More »