Leadership Class Activities & Lessons?

Answer Some students have no problem envisioning themselves in a leadership role, while others shy away from the idea of being responsible for a group of their peers. There are many classroom activities a... Read More »

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Ideas for Introducing Class Lessons?

Introducing a topic provides students with the expectation of what is to follow in the lesson. The way in which you choose to introduce an academic concept sets the tone for the subsequent lesson, ... Read More »

Ideas for Introducing Class Lessons in Elementary?

While some choose to dive into pools and deal with the temporary burst of cold and resulting shivers, others slowly wade into water. Similarly, many students appreciate clearly defined lesson intro... Read More »

Formal Reading Lessons in a Kindergarten Class?

Reading is one of the language arts. Other areas of literacy are listening, speaking, phonemic awareness, writing and responding to literature. For emergent readers in kindergarten, lessons in read... Read More »

First Lessons for the Advanced English Class C1 Level?

With the worldwide demand for English as a Second Language (ESL), colleges and universities offer language classes to English language learners. Cambridge University's program, the First Certificat... Read More »